NOVOTEST is a various testing equipment producing company. We provide instruments for
metal hardness testing, coatings thickness, ultrasonic inspection, magnetic testing,
construction materials testing and many other devices. Besides, our design team will be
pleased to help you to find solutions for any unusual tasks in the field of quality testing and
technical diagnostics.


UCI Hardness Tester NOVOTEST T-U3

  • Allows user to measure products from 1 mm thick without
    additional tools.
  • Measuring hardness of small products without additional
    fixation and accessories.
  • Allows users to measure hardness in hard-to-reach places,
    products of complex shape, weld and heat affected zone
    (HAZ), gear teeth, etc.
  • The imprint after measuring the hardness by the UCI
    method is several microns and is practically not detected
    by the naked eye.
  • As standard, the device comes with a probe whose
    indenter penetration force is 50N (5 kgf).
  • The probe has a special nozzle, which ensures the
    perpendicularity of the indenter penetration into the
    surface of the tested object and minimizes the probability
    of operator error.
  • Built-in camera, allows users to save the image of the
    tested object with fixed points of the hardness value on its

Leeb Hardness Tester NOVOTEST T-D3

  • Comes with preliminary calibrations for various scales and
    oMATERIALS: steel, alloy steel, cast iron, stainless
    steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, copper.
  • Can be used for products with a poorly prepared surface
    (roughness 3.2 Ra and more), as well as for materials with a
    coarse-grained structure, such as cast iron and others.
  • Can be usedwith various types of probes depending  on the
    task and scope.

UCI Hardness Tester NOVOTEST T-U2

  • Can be used for samples from 1 mm, and even less with
    special tool for thin sheets.
  • Can carry out hardness testing of products weighing just 100g
    or even less without additional fixation and accessories.
  • Its main purposes are products of complex shape (gear teeth,

Leeb Hardness Tester NOVOTEST

  • Calibrated to measure the hardness of steels, cast iron,
    stainless steels, aluminum on all major scales – Rockwell,
    Brinell and Vickers.
  • Allows user to measure the hardness of products with a
    poorly prepared surface (roughness up to 3,2 Ra), as well as
    coarse-grained materials such as cast iron, etc.
  • Shock-resistant, rugged housing with a silicone protective
    bumper cover allows the hardness tester to be made
  • User can measure hardness in the most severe conditions
    without worrying

Coating Thickness Gauge NOVOTEST

  • Has a wide range of measured coatings (from 0 up to 60 mm)
  • Has 4 operating modes to inspect protective coatings with
    high accuracy. (Normal, Control, Statistics, Automatic
    Averaging Mode)
  • Higher speed of measurements and readiness for another
  • Sound and visual indication
  • Built-in memory in thickness gauge, there are able to save the
    test results and transfer them to a PC
  • Improving at measurement accuracy and stability
  • Introduced new displaying measurements, thereby increasing
    the convenience of measuring.
  • Device is made in an ergonomic shape with convenient
    interface buttons that can be used with gloves (during
    production) or at low temperatures, and a shock-resistant
    case in a protective silicone bumper will protect among
    accidental drops

Coating Thickness Gauge NOVOTEST

  • coating measurements in the range of 0 to 500 μm require
    high accuracy; for these purposes, a coating thickness gauge
    complete with an F-0.5 probe is ideal.
  • allows user to measure coatings in the range from 0 to 2 mm.
  • For measuring paintwork coatings, polymers and other
    dielectric coatings in the range up to 5 mm, probes F-2 and F-
    5 are suitable, which will provide a testing range of up to 2 or
    5 mm, accordingly.
  • To measure very thick coatings on any metals (steel or non-
    ferrous metals) – probes M-12, M-30 and M-60 are used,
    which provide measuring ranges up to 12, 30 and 60 mm,
  • The device is made in an ergonomic enclosure, which is
    equipped with a silicone cover, which makes the electronic
    unit of the device shockproof.