Electromagnetic testing (ET), as a form of nondestructive testing, is the process of inducing electric currents or magnetic fields or both inside a test object and observing the electromagnetic response. If the test is set up properly, a defect inside the test object creates a measurable response.



OKOndt GROUP™ offers both a standard line of NDT instruments and custom equipment and probes built to individual customer specifications and for special materials.



LIZARD® NDE is a world leader in the field of advanced non-destructive testing technologies and the home of the LIZARD® brand. LIZARD® is a technology capable of providing Alternating Current Field Measurement, Classic Phase Plane Impedance and our exclusive Field Gradient Imaging data from a single scan pass, whether array or single element.



UniWest provides critical solutions for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT); delivering highly engineered products from Eddy Current Flaw Detectors and other Eddy Current Testing Systems to Eddy Current Probes and Ultrasonic Transducers. Whether your special application involves manual inspection in the field, laboratory testing, or integrated in-line production system support, UniWest can provide the resources necessary to offer a complete solution to your special testing needs