Distran’s mission is to make industrial plants safer and reduce their environmental footprint
through the use of sound sensing and technology. Distran is a spin-off from the Autonomous
System Lab, ETH Zurich, developing advanced acoustic sensors for industrial applications.

Distran Products

Ultra Pro


The Ultra Pro hand-held ultrasound imaging camera is capable of accurately locating gas leaks from several meters with unrivaled speed. It excels in finding leaks in high or in hard-to-reach areas.

The sensor works by detecting the specific sounds that pressurized gas leaks emit. Thanks to its integrated 124 ultrasound microphones, the ultrasound camera reconstructs the position of the sound source. The information is overlaid in real-time with a wide angle optical image.

Ultra Pro creates, in a single tap, images and videos that can be assembled in reports either using Distran’s reporting software Audalytics or with the user’s preferred software.