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Magne-Tech® Transportable Magnetic Particle Inspection Units – Models 1500-1515-1515D


Key Applications for Magne-Tech® Portables:
Preventative maintenance in testing weldments on bridges, railroads, pipeline, pressure vessels, tubing, bar stock, forgings, castings, aircraft, ships and anywhere that ferrous metals must be inspected for cracks.

Features / Benefits:
• Meets Military & Industrial Specifications
• More output per unit weight & size
• Advanced modular design
• Simple to operate
• Rugged duty cycle
• Highly portable/transportable
• Ideal for use in limited access areas
• Protected recessed front control panel
• HWDC & AC magnetizing power
• 1515D provides auto AC demagnetization
• Thermal overload protection
• For prod or cable wrap use
• Infinity variable current control
• Remote control feature

Specification Compliance:
ASTM E1444 & E-709 ASME Section III (Latest Rev.)
Navships 250-1500 Mil-STD-271 (Latest Rev.)


Magne-Tech® 1560W Magnetic Particle Inspection Unit

Key Applications for Magne-Tech® Mobiles:
These self-contained, mobile unites can be moved or rolled anywhere in shop, foundry, refinery, petrochemical plant or manufacturing facilities to detect surface and near surface cracks by the MPI method.

Features & Benefits
• Meets Military & Industry Specifications
• More output per unit weight & size
• 6,000 amp HWDC and AC
• Infinitely variable current control
• Digital ammeter with hold feature
• Fast, effective automatic AC demagnetization
• Thermal overload protection
• Rugged duty cycle
• Ideal for overall magnetization applications
• Simple to operate
• All controls recessed for damage control
• Ideal for localized prod and cable use
• Remote control feature operation available
• Storage well on top for cables and materials
• Convenient 115V outlet


MPI Accessories

• Cable Assembly
• QBT-A Quick Break Tester
• Powder Bulb
• UV Spectacles, Backlight Contrast Control
• Digital Light Meter UV and Footcandles
• Digital Ammeter
• AC or FWDC Replacement Shunt
• Runchek Plaques (Crack Panels)
• Digital Test Meter Kit
• Contact Block
• Hip Bar, Retrofit
• Foot Switch
• Module
• Magnetizing Split Coil
• Magnetizing Coil with Carriage
• Test Shim
• Sump Screen
• Magnetic Field Strength Indicator (Uncalibrated)