Radiographic Testing (RT)

X-ray sources, and the related components, for the non-destructive examination of materials in
the automotive, aviation pipeline and steel industries, and also for the stationary and mobile
inspection of baggage and cargo at airports and borders.

X-RIS was founded in 2010 and since then has developed its own
range of X-ray generators, detectors and its software platform:
Maestro. X-RIS also designs and manufactures its own mechanical
and electro-mechanical solutions for Dxbox cabinets and special
As a trailblazing, leading tech company in radio frequency and x-ray
technology, Comet Group make a growing contribution to a safer
and more secure, more efficient and sustainable world of
manufacturing, communication and mobility.
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Through sustainable operation and management, Lucky Healthcare
acquired ISO9001 quality management system certificate in 1999,
ISO14001 environmental management system certificate in 2000,
ISO13485 medical equipment quality management system
certificate and CE certificate of medical X-ray film in 2005