API Metrology

API has been a pioneer in laser-based metrology equipment for industrial inspection and calibration for over 30 years. Continuously innovating, API develops products to bring automation to the manufacturing floor.
API’s advanced 6DoF Laser Trackers, Scanners, and Dynamic 9D LADAR provide customers with tools to accomplish complex production tasks with next-level speed and efficiency. Our customers can perform in-line inspection, automated measurement, and precision robot verification, leading to increased production and decreased costs.

The Radian Laser Tracker Series 

API’s UNIBODY tracker guarantees durability, stability, and accuracy. It centralises components for fast start-up, consistent measurements, wireless connectivity, auto-lock functionality and up to 8 hours of operation with an external power pack.


Radian CORE


CORE offers economical SMR tracker functionality with benchmark accuracy in 50m and 80m ADM models.

Radian PRO


PRO IFM/ADM tracker with unrivalled accuracy and comprehensive functionality including automated 6DOF tracking.

Radian PLUS


PLUS provides extended CORE tracker functionality with hand-held tactile & laser scanning probes and offers 6DOF tracking.

Dynamic 9D Ladar


  • Compact and rigid UNIBODY design integrates shaft-mounted motors, encoders, and laser, minimising errors.
  • Rapid heat distribution ensures constant heat equilibrium for shorter warm-up times and measurement stability.
  • 9D LADAR technology, incorporating Optical Frequency Chirping Interferometry (OFCI), revolutionises non-contact measurements.
  • Versatile application across various industries for capturing dimensional and surface geometry data.


  • Hand-held and wireless, the tactile vProbe enables inspection of intricate features and cavities in large, complex parts due to its lightweight build and easy-hold grip stylus.
  • The vProbe is genuinely portable, capable of performing coordinate measurements even outside the line of sight of a laser tracker, enhancing its versatility.
  • Offering instantaneous feedback upon measuring a coordinate, the vProbe ensures quick and convenient measuring and inspection processes, facilitating efficient operations.