Since the early 1980s, Dasqua has been producing precision measuring tools, including calipers, micrometers, indicators, and more, under OEM for major renowned brands worldwide. Building upon this legacy, Dasqua now directs its focus towards manufacturing its own branded products, maintaining the highest standards and a well-managed system.

Dasqua Products

Digital Calipers

Digital Caliper

  • Advanced LCD for a wider view of the angle, 50% wider than most calipers.
  • Innovation on electronic chips for faster measuring and high accuracy.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.
Digital Micrometer

Digital Micrometer

  • Strictly made in accordance with DIN 863.
  • Spindle ground twice which makes pitch error 1μ less than before.
  • New special carbide used on measuring anvil instead of traditional easy-wear off carbide tip.
  • Precision Ground stainless steel threading rod replacing alloy/carbon steel threading rod mostly used in the industry.
  • With ratchet stop for constant force of 5-8N; 20% better than the normal standard force of 5-10N.
  • Strictly made in accordance with DIN 863.
Multifunction Digital Indicator

Multifunction Digital Indicator

  • Glass grating for high accuracy and stable performance.
  • The functions of the tolerance can be set, and tolerance alarms are optional.
  • Equipped with an alarm light for swift verification of product size qualifications.
  • O-ring sealed between inner and outer lid to protect from water or oil.
Digital Indicator Stand

Digital Indicator Stand

  • Two clamping holes. Designed with two clamping holes, suitable for metric and inch indicators, plus dovetail groove for test indicators, bringing great convenience holding capabilities.
  • CNC Machining. Main parts produced on CNC machines.
  • Super forced locking mechanical universal arm. Super strong-arm lock and tight locking force guarantees long life and firm positioning.
  • Ergonomic-designed tightening knob provides comfortable and firm grip, flexible and super strong rotary joints, providing smooth adjustments in any direction or location.
Digital Thickness Gauge

Digital Thickness Gauge

  • Uses corrosion resistance ceramic contact point and flat anvil.
  • Thickness gauge is attached to the dial indicators, offering a quick and efficient means to measure the thickness of paper, leather, rubber, fabric, metal plate, glass, plastic plate, etc.
  • Large LCD screen for error-free reading.
  • With convenient grip handle, thumb trigger and spring-loaded spindle for accurate measurements.
Digital Height Gauge

Digital Height Gauge

  • With a large and smooth slider-feed wheel to greatly improve measuring accuracy.
  • Carbide-tipped scriber for sharp, clean lines.
  • Made of stainless steel.
  • SPC data output.
  • Rigid, heavy-duty beam and base.
  • Dustproof shield optional.
Digital Protractor

Digital Protractor (Steel ruler + Square head + Digital Protractor + Center Head)

  • Digital protractor for higher accuracy.
  • Made of pro-coated mould with no surface blisters.
  • Distinct lines and figures against the stain chrome finish for easy reading.
  • Low surface roughness.
  • High accuracy with surface precisely ground.
Calibration Gage Blocks

Calibration Gauge Blocks

  • Precision ground, mirror polish, heat treatment and cryogenic treatment for all measuring surfaces.
  • Stable dimensions with high accuracy, low surface roughness, high wringing force.
  • Comes with fitted Aluminium case.
  • High-carbon, high-chrome steel provides high hardness (>63 HRC) and wear resistance.
  • Strictly made in accordance with DIN ISO 3650
  • Made of high-quality alloy steel.
  • Edges are slightly lapped for protection.
Digital Zero Setter

Digital Zero Setter Z-Axis

  • Used to help tool setting.
  • Can be used in IP65 working environment (with inductive measurement against splash water) and will not damage the tool edge.
  • Resolution reaches 0.001mm. Higher than other zero setting devices.
  • Lighting indicating at “0”. More obvious and accurate compared with mechanic zero setting device.
  • With magnetic base.
Magnetic V-Block

Magnetic V-Block

  • Hardened, high accuracy, a strong magnetic force for grinding, light milling, drilling and inspection of round and square jobs.
  • All working surfaces are hardened.
  • Magnetic force on top, bottom and two V grooves.
  • Top V groove for large shafts and bottom V groove for small shafts.
  • Suitable for cast iron surface plates.
  • Magnet has an On/Off switch which easily and quickly engages/releases magnet.
Granite Surface Plate with stand

Granite Surface Plate with Stand

  • Meet DIN 876, grade 00 is for inspection room or lab, grade 0 is for workshop.
  • Made of granite, free from deterioration or dimensional change over time, minimal changes in dimension due to temperature changes.
  • High density structure thus extremely homogeneous.
  • Surface plate is lapped and has a satin matt finish to prevent glare.
  • 100% corrosion proof.
  • Non-magnetic and non-conductive.