Elvatech Ltd. has been developing and producing analytical spectrometric instrumentation since its foundation in 1991. Their goal is to provide analytical control at industrial enterprises, laboratories, research institutions in order to improve technological processes and the quality of products, develop new modern materials and increase production efficiency.

Elvatech Products

ProSpector 2

ProSpector 2

  • High speed operation above 500,000 CPS count rate.
  • Ambient temperature and pressure correction for the highest stability.
  • Over 10 hours of battery operation.
  • Detector protection.
  • Extensive and editable ally grade library.
  • Protective film replacement with no tool required.
  • Full compatibility with ElvaX™ PC software.
  • Radiation safety: IR proximity sensor and low count detection.
  • Great choice of accessories for comfortable work.
ProSpector 3

ProSpector 3

• World’s fastest XRF analyzer – highest accuracy within the short period.
• Size : 236 x 193 x 68 mm
• Weight : 1.05Kg with a battery.
• Handheld analyzer – easy to operate.
• Dustproof and waterproof body.
• Automatic collimator changer.
• Folding display.
• Highest mobility.
• Superior calibration stability.
• Two CCD cameras for macro – and micro – view.
• Full compativility with ElvaX™