Kreon Technologies manufactures 3D laser scanners and measuring arms. Kreon is an expert in measuring solutions for various applications like quality control, 3D inspection, CAD comparison, rapid prototyping and reverse engineering. For over 20 years, Kreon has
manufactured high quality systems for contact & non-contact 3D measurement.

Measuring Arm Products


Kreon ONYX

The Kreon Onyx measuring arm is the epitome of high performance. It guarantees 3D measuring of parts and tools with an unprecedented level of accuracy.

  • High accuracy
  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Comes with EasyClip removable handle.

Kreon ACE and ACE+

Ace and Ace+ measuring arms are equipped with probes and Skyline 3D scanners, along with temperature-regulated and integrated battery.

  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • More stable accuracy due to temperature compensation
  • Come with axis limits detection to prevent bad use


Kreon Baces is a three-dimensional portable measuring arm, convenient in use for touch-probing applications. It has an internal calibration secured by a mechanical architecture based on aluminium and carbon-fiber materials, which makes its structure extremely light and stable. It is ideal for metrological applications like reverse engineering, digitization, inspection, rapid prototyping, etc.

3D Scanner Products


Zephyr II Blue

Designed for demanding applications, the Zephyr II 3D scanner performs accurate and fast measurements. The blue laser is optimized for reflective surfaces or even dark parts. 3D Scanners Zephyr II can be integrated into any system such as portable measuring arm, coordinate measuring machine, or even robots.

  • Provides a high accuracy scanning solution.
  • Scanner performs accurate and fast measurements.

Solano Blue

The Kreon 3D scanner Solano Blue is the most affordable and precise blue laser scanner with a weight less than 400g and auto quality check features. Accurate does not mean expensive. 3D scanner Solano Blue is equipped with a blue laser suitable for shiny surfaces.

  • Measuring speed of 50,000 pts/sec
  • Accuracy of 25 um with 100mm laser line width.
  • Integrated with a touch probe for better measurement accuracy.

Zephyr III Range

Designed to meet growing productivity needs and coordinate measuring machine requirements. Zephyr III is an advanced 3D Scanner for Coordinate Measuring Machines, Robots, Measuring Arms, Machine Tools, etc.

  • With wide laser line up to 150 mm
  • Blue laser technology
  • Covers all measurements needs on Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) and can easily be switched on measuring arms, robots, machine tools and optical trackers.


High performance 3d scanner for all applications. Skyline is the only Kreon scanners range fully integrated to Ace 7 axis measuring arm.

Skyline range is made up of three scanners


Skyline Eyes

The most accurate

Catches the eye on the most challenging parts and applications

skyline eyes

Skyline Wide

The fastest

Is wide-awake to scan large surfaces at high speed

Skyline Wide

Skyline Open

The most affordable

Is open to any kind of project and application.

Skyline Open