OROS has been designing and manufacturing noise and vibration testing systems (instruments and software) for over 35 years, meeting the requirements and expectations of automotive, aerospace, marine energy & process, manufacturing and automation industries. OROS covers data acquisition, structural dynamics, acoustics and rotating applications as well as a range of related services.

Vibration Monitoring System

04 – 4 channels USB

04 – 4 Channels USB Compact Noise and Vibration Analyzer

• Plug & play, ultra-portable, high-end metrology device.
• Focused on portability, accuracy, and ease of use.
• Includes the latest USB company analyser, selected powerful software modules.
• This frequency signature acquisition pack is ideal for general FFT analysis, bump test, modal analysis, and operating deflection shapes.
• This rotating machine analysis pack is ideal for rotor balancing, FAT & commissioning, test bench integration, end-of-line production test.
• Overall levels complying with ISO 10816, ideal for monitoring machines according to the standard (levels in velocity).

Mobile DAQ Systems

Mobile DAQ Systems – MODS

MoDS cover any measurement situation:

  • Standalone: Where PCs, tablets or smartphones are not allowed or cannot operate. OR10 acquires signal in a 100% handheld mode. Its touchscreen and keyboard provide a clear and efficient context for both selection of setups and control of acquisitions.
  • Wireless Apps: For test environments demanding the utmost in portability but where setups and results need to be viewed. NVGo controls the OR10 via smartphone or tablet. It features a complete front-end setup and monitoring of signal/levels in a clear and simple interface.
  • Front-end: OR10 can be used as a front-end of the OROS software suite.
OR35 – 10 channels

OR35 – 10 channels Teamwork Analyzer Recorder

  • Ideal for mixing laboratory, on-board, and field measurement, this 10-channel analyzer features long autonomy, portability, ruggedness, and continuous accuracy.
  • OR35 real-time performance makes this instrument fully suited for in-vehicle NVH measurements.
  • It offers half a day battery operation with immediate results availability with parallel row data recording.
  • Natively embedded in each critical hardware and middleware location, this provides a complete environment dedicated to high-efficiency test.
OR36 – 16 channel

OR36 – 16 channel Teamwork Analyzer Recorder

  • With its compact-size and autonomy, these 16 channel instruments serve on-site measurement (predictive maintenance, commissioning, building vibration) for consultants.
  • Rugged package designed for harsh field conditions.
  • Reinforce enclosure.
  • Laptop hosting space with lock.
  • Protection against shocks and projections.
  • Expandable mouse tablet.
  • Protected recorder control panel & Mobi-Disk access.
OR38 – 32 channel

OR38 – 32 channel Teamwork Analyzer Recorder

  • Up to 32 channels, OR38 is a synthesis of component usually used separately for measurements: analyser, recorder, conditioners, in a single portable instrument, based on the Teamwork technology.
  • It offers the capability of an advanced laboratory instruments in a modular and rugged package, OR38 speeds up and guarantee your day-to-day noise and vibration measurements on industrial machinery.
  • OR38 fulfils the requirements of on-site rotor dynamics and machinery diagnostic for both predictive maintenance and acceptance tests.
  • With its large computation capability and inputs number OR38 matches perfectly sound localisation applications such as holography and beamforming.