SALT Co., Ltd. has leveraged over 15 years of experience in testing various materials and industrial parts to provide customised solutions that meet customers’ extensive testing needs and support their decision-making processes.

Universal Testing Machine

Single Column Universal

Single Column Universal Testing Machine

  • Electrical servo motor driven Universal Testing Machine (UTM) for low to mid-range application.
  • From tabletop units to environmental chamber dedicated frames.
  • Electrical UTMs range up to 3kN (general models).
  • This range covers testing for lower capacity material such as films, textiles, polymers, paper, wood, etc.
  • The ST-1000 series electrical UTMs are equipped with industry leading component such as Mitshubishi Servo Motors and Drivers (Japan) and Motovario Worm Gear Reducers (Italy) Precision ball screws and bearings are used to minimise backlash and improved accuracy for position.
Double Column Universal

Double Column Universal Testing Machine

  • Electrical servo motor driven Universal Testing Machine (UTM) for low to mid-range application.
  • From tabletop units to environmental chamber dedicated frames.
  • Electrical UTMs range up to 300kN (general models).
  • This is typically used for higher capacity >3kN for testing steel, bolts, rebar, composites, textiles, ropes, etc.
Hydraulic Universal

Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

  • Hydraulic Universal Testing Machines offers a dynamic range of testing applications, such as tensile, compression, flexural/bending, shear, creep, etc.
  • For testing material such as metals, concrete, woods, composites, etc.
  • The ST-1004 & ST-1005 is engineered with durability, accuracy, and repeatability in mind.
  • The hydraulic frames are made to have the highest in-class rigidity and frame stiffness.
  • Offers mode than the competitors when it comes to testing rebar, stranded wire, concrete, etc.

Charpy and Izod Impact Test System

Charpy Impact Tester

Charpy Impact Tester for Metal (ST-300)

  • Application: Metal, light alloy.
  • This equipment aims to test shock resistance of material by giving a shock to the test piece of metallic materials, and is a composite impact tester for metal to measure absorbed energy, impact value, brittleness, toughness, softness, etc.
  • It is convenient to use as this equipment is designed to direct climb angle of energy value through digital and indicator, and is capable of producing, saving and analysing various data with excellent precision using exclusive software program by the computer embedded in it.
  • This equipment is manufactured suited to test condition in accordance with KS and ASTM.
Charpy Impact Tester

Charpy Impact Tester for Plastic (ST-110C)

  • Designed to measure the impact of plastics, aluminium, glass, etc.
  • This equipment measures and record intrinsic impact and stress of a test piece automatically by giving a shock with a regulated energy and measuring the size of absorbed energy after making a standard test piece as a notch with a definite depth in accordance with standards such as ASTM, ISO, JIS, KS, etc.
  • Impact tester that obtained CE certification for the first time in KOREA.
  • Izod and Charpy dual impact tester.
  • Unitary transformation function and automatic calculation of impact value.
  • Measurement of low and high-temperature impact by environment chamber.
  • Graph & Data Report printing function.
  • Auto Calibration & Auto Memory function.
  • Software & Standard Deviation measurement.

Sample Preparation Machines

Abrasive Cutting

Abrasive Cutting Machine

  • Manual or Automatic
  • Designed according to the principles of safety and environmentally friendly.
  • Equipped with a safety lock and an emergency stop button to ensure safety.
  • It adopts a WEG high-torque waterproof motor, ergonomic cutting handle, and simple control pane.
  • Equipped with a popular used 250mm / 10 diameter cut-off blade which is suitable for rapid cutting of various metal and non-metallic materials.
Mounting Press Machine

Mounting Press Machine

  • Cold or Hot mounting.
  • Suitable for curing different resins, such as Epoxy, Phenolic, and Acrylic.
  • Designed for small metallographic specimens.
  • Mounting press procedures prepare the sample to be grinded and polished and allow the metallographic structure of samples to be measured under a metallographic microscope.
Polishing and Grinding Machine

Polishing and Grinding Machine

  • Manual, Semi-Auto and Automatic.
  • Single and Dual polishing.
  • Equipment includes grinders, sanders, polishers, grinder-polishers or other machines designed for metal, ceramic, mineral, composite, and material surface preparation applications.
  • The speed can be adjusted by the frequency converter for wider applications.