Sinowon is China’s professional manufacturer of Vision Measuring Machine & Optical Measurement Instruments that complies with ISO9001:2015. It offers a wide range of geometric dimension measurement instruments and precision devices such as multisensory coordinate measuring machines, fully automatic vision measuring machines, 2D optical measuring machines, profile projectors, tool microscopes, video microscopes and precision displacement platforms.

Hardness Testing Machines


Portable Leeb Hardness Tester (SH-500)

  • Metal shell, nice appearance design.
  • Able to save up to 2000 group test results.
  • Support hardness conversion among HRC, HRA, HRB, HV, HB, etc, can convert 2 different scales simultaneously.
  • 4” LCD to display hardness results, conversion results, Max, Min, Mean values.
  • Support Bluetooth printer, with RS232 to connect computer for software running.
  • Able to test all kinds of metal over 5kg.
  • Indicating error +/-5HLD, conform standard ASTM A956.
  • Support 7 types of impact devices.

Portable Pen Style Leeb Hardness Tester (MH-500) 

  • Integrated design, easy operation.
  • Durable metal housing.
  • TFT320*3200 colour display.
  • High accuracy: +/- 4HL (or 0.5% @HL800).
  • Auto compensate error for different impact direction.
  • Moving bar-graph display.
  • Two Calibration modes: Coincident/Independent.
  • Four display styles.
  • Sound reminder.
  • D & DL two in on probe.
  • USB and Bluetooth interface and is able to connect to micro-printer wirelessly.
  • Comes with strength conversion value.

Portable Shore A & D Hardness Tester (SI-100)

  • LCD Display
  • Public and imperial units converted, with the average computing power.
  • Integrated design, small volume, light weight, simple structure, easy to use, intuitive readings and automatic shutdown function.
  • Use USB data output and RS-232 data output with connection PC.
  • Bluetooth data output choice.
  • Measuring range: 10-90 HA/HD (B/C/E/O/DO/OO)
  • Resolution: 0.1H
  • Accuracy: <1H
  • Complied to standard: DIN53505, ASTM D2240, ISO 7689, JIS 7125.

Ultrasonic Hardness Tester (SU-300M) 

  • Motorised Ultrasonic Hardness Tester
  • Prefect accuracy: +/- 3% HV, +/- 1.5 HR and +/- 3% HB.
  • Microscopic indentation – Only a high-power microscope can observe the indentation.
  • Quick Measurement – Results in 2 seconds.
  • Large LCD Display – Directly displays measurement result, times count, maximum, minimal, average and deviation.
  • Promised warranty – 2 years warranty for main unit (Exclude probe).
  • Mass storage – 1000 group measurement data.
  • Simple calibration – Saves 20 group calibration data to improve calibration efficiency.

Dynasonic Hardness Tester (SU-400) 

  • Universal Portable Hardness Tester
  • Conforms to ASTM A1038-2005 and DIN 50159-1 2008 standards.
  • One instrument two applications – support Ultrasonic Probe and Leeb impact device.
  • Metal shell – metallic texture, shields electromagnetic interference effectively, improve instrument stability.
  • Colour screen display – displays the current measurement value, accumulative measurement value, Max, Min, and Ave value.
  • Bluetooth transferring – supports wireless Bluetooth print and data transferring.
  • Mass storage – Saves 1000 groups data.
  • Calibration access – Saves 20 group calibration data without repetitive calibration.

Brinell Optical Measuring System (BrinScan) 

  • Can be used with any kind of Brinell Hardness Tester on the market, automatically gets the Brinell Hardness, and will replace the traditional mechanical reading microscope.
  • Advanced visual technology, shooting the indentation by portable digital microscope and identifying the indentation precisely even under complex backgrounds to measure Brinell Hardness.
  • Operator needn’t predicate the edge of the indentation, record the indentation length, and check the hardness table as BrinScan can measure, record and generate hardness measuring charts automatically.
  • Needs no professional operator.
DigiRock DR3

Benchtop Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester (DigiRock DR3)

  • Semi-automatic hardness tester except loading initial force and -change force knob.
  • Operation is very convenient and fast.
  • Motorised control loading, dwell and unloading, eliminating error by manual operation.
  • Built-in microprocessor, auto computes max, min, mean and deviation value with resolution of 0.1 HR, largely improving accuracy.
  • Auto hardness conversion to other scales
  • Saves 2000 single testing results and 1000 group results for reviewing and analysis.
  • Optional Bluetooth mini printer available.
  • 2” Colour Touch Screen, Resolution 640 x 480.
  • Additional test force: 60Kgf, 100Kgf, 150Kgf – Permitted Error: +/- 1.0%.
Vexus SHB-3000N

Benchtop Digital Brinell Hardness Tester (Vexus SHB-3000N)

  • Wider test range with 10 levels of test force and 10 kinds of Brinell scales.
  • Stable structure thanks to the shell formed by one-time moulding and casting with special sand turning process.
  • High accuracy, stable performance due to the closed loop sensor with microcomputer control system.
  • Loads and unloads test force electrically.
  • Controls and automatically compensates the test force lost using CPU.
  • Low noise, suitable for various laboratories.

Benchtop Vickers Hardness Tester with Measurement Monitor (MV-10V)

  • Adopts a die-cast body with higher stability as compared to the mechanical performance of sheet metal welding machines.
  • Equipped with a 10X and 40X HD lens and HD USB camera.
  • Combined with video measuring devices, it improves efficiency and reduces visual fatigue of the operator.
  • Tests ultra-thin materials like foils, thin pieces, coatings layers, etc.
  • Measures hardness of the surface of a part, small parts, or small areas.
  • Measures individual micro-structures.
  • Measures the depth of case hardening by making a series of indentations to describe a profile of the change in hardness


DigiRock BRV3

Digital Universal Hardness Tester (DigiRock BRV3)

  • DigiRock BRV3 is a universal hardness testing instrument for the measurement of Brinell, Rockwell and Vickers scale.
  • Equipped with 7 testing force and 5 indenters, it is universal to measure most metal materials.
  • Dwell time from 2 to 60s can be set up on LCD panel, Loading, dwell and unloading is driven by electronic motor automatically, eliminating human error.
  • Computes and displays testing result once the digital length sensor is pressed.

Optical Measuring Projector


Optical Vertical Profile Projector Ø300mm LED Illumination (VP300)

  • The lifting system adopts a cross roller rail and precision screw drive, which makes the lifting drive more comfortable and stable.
  • Coating process reflector, clearer image, and great dustproof.
  • Adjustable contour and surface illumination to meet difference workpiece demands.
  • Imported high light and long using life LED illumination to ensure precision measurement demand.
  • High-resolution optical system with clear image and magnification error is less than 0.08%.
  • Powerful Bi-Axial fan cooling system highly increases using life.
  • Powerful and colourful DRO DP400, realised fast and accurate 2D measurement.
  • Built-in mini printer.
  • With standard 10X objective, optional 5X, 20X, 100X objective, rotary table, foot switch, clamp, etc.

Horizontal Video Profile Projector (PH-3015) 

  • The lifting system adopts a linear guide rail and precision screw drive, which makes the lift drive more comfortable and stable.
  • With a precision toothless rod and fast movement locking device, ensure return error is within 2μm.
  • High accuracy, precise working stage, ensures machine accuracy of 3+L/200μm.
  • HD zoom lens and HD colour digital camera, ensures clear image without distortion.
  • With programmable surface 4-ring 8-division LED cold light and contour LED parallel illumination, independently controlling the brightness of the 4-ring 8-division.
  • With powerful iMeasuring 2.1 software system to enhance control quality.
  • Optional imported contact probes and 3D measuring software to upgrade the machine to be a coordinate measuring machine.
  • Optional FexQMS measurement data analysis and real-time monitoring software to enhance process control and reduce material consumption.

Vision Measuring Machine


Instant Vision Measurement System (IVS-302D) 

  • High depth field, low distortion double telecentric lens, removing the need to repeat focus.
  • Software processes the image by way of Sub-pixel edge detection and automatic removal of burns and outliers and least-square method to ensure accuracy.
  • Automatic location and orientation correction, automatically detects and measures based on the recorded shape of the sample, measures with a click of a button.
  • Automatically identifies multiple parts, test elements, then conduct automatic measurement, satisfied with batch measurement requirements.
  • Improves efficiency, saves labor costs, and eliminates operator error.
  • Automatic memory and output measuring values to simplify applied test data.
MVS-542 Series

Automatic Vision Measuring Machine (MVS-542 Series) 

  • XYZ three-axis CNC automatic precision control, precise positioning.
  • Indian marble base and pillar, good stability.
  • Precision linear guides, grinding-grade ball screws and AC servo motors, etc, ensures the accuracy and stability of the motion system.
  • 5μm high-precision grating ruler to ensure the positioning accuracy and measurement accuracy of the system.
  • High-resolution digital camera to meet the needs of clear observation and precise measurement.
  • 3X high-definition optical lens, accurate zoom, one-time pixel correction.
  • Program-controlled 5-ring 8-area LED surface illumination and parallel LED contour illumination system intelligently realise 256-level brightness adjustment.
  • iMeasuring series, automatic vision measurement software, powerful and easy to operate.
AutoVision542 Series

Automatic Vision Measuring Machine (AutoVision542 Series)

  • Moving Bridge type structure, measuring workpiece is fixed.
  • Four-axis CNC fully auto close loop control, auto measurement.
  • Indian Marble base and pillar, good stability.
  • Imported RSF linear scale, the resolution is 0.1μm, grinding ball screw and AC servo motor, etc, to ensure the precision and stability of the motion system.
  • Imported HD colour camera to meet the needs of clear observation and accurate measurement.
  • 3X high-resolution motorised coaxial zoom lens, accurate doubling with one-time pixel correction.
  • With programmable surface 5-ring 8-division LED cold illumination and contour LED parallel illumination and built-in intelligent light adjustment, it can automatically control the brightness of the 8-division.
  • Powerful function, easy operation using iMeasuring software to enhance quality control.
  • Optional MCP Probe and Laser Sensor Module
AutoVision18122 Series

Super Large Travel Automatic Vision Measuring Machine (AutoVision18122 Series)

  • Moving Bridge type structure, measuring workpiece is fixed.
  • Four-axis CNC fully auto close loop control, auto measurement.
  • Indian Marble base and pillar, good stability.
  • Imported RSF linear scale, the resolution is 0.1μm, grinding ball screw and AC servo motor, etc, to ensure the precision and stability of the motion system.
  • Imported HD colour camera to meet the needs of clear observation and accurate measurement.
  • 3X high-resolution motorised coaxial zoom lens, accurate doubling, and one-time pixel correction only needed.
  • Automatically controls the brightness in the 8-division.
  • Optional MCP Probe and Laser Sensor Module.

Coordinate Measuring Machine


Coordinate Measuring System (Haquina433)

  • Precision structure designed with advanced finite element analysis method.
  • Grade 00 marble granty mobile structure, to ensure stability of the machine.
  • High-precision SSP class (special) three-axis guide rail, to ensure the high precision of the reference, with effective deformation resistance and good rigidity, dynamic geometric error deformation minimum.
  • Mute screw drive device, improve the stability of three shafts.
  • Closed-loop Control System and Haquinasoft measurement software, which made it a cost-effective product in its class.
  • Working travel (XYX): 400 x 300 x 300mm
  • Scale resolution: 0.5mm.
  • Maximum Permissible Error of indication (MPEE): 3.5 + 1L/200mm.
  • 3D positioning speed (mm/s): 500
  • 3D positioning acceleration (mm/s2): 1000
  • Maximum load capacity: 80 Kg.
  • Probe system: FT1 with M8 connection + TP20 fixed probe.
Taquina Series

Coordinate Measuring Machine (Taquina Series)

  • Granite fixed worktable, XZ axes are made of high-performance aluminium alloy, good temperature adaptability and faster movement speed.
  • Granite worktable with integral “dovetail” guide in Y axis, eliminates the pitch and yaw, also provides superior motion stability.
  • Z axis air-balance with self-protection, improves motion capability.
  • Advanced synchronous belt drive system with non-slip and high stiffness, ensures high stability, lower noise.
  • High precise, rigid, and pre-loaded air bearings on all axes, ensures the guidance never be damped.
  • Transmission system uses high-power DC servo motor and new double level tape reducer to ensure rapid and accurate axes.
  • RENISHAW tonic steel scale, free expansion with temperature change.
  • Working travel (XYZ): 1000 x 2000 x 800mm.
  • Scale resolution: 0.5mm.
  • Maximum Permissible Error of indication (MPEE): 1.9 + 3L/1000mm.
  • 3D positioning speed (mm/s): 580
  • 3D positioning acceleration (mm/s2): 1800
  • Maximum load capacity: 1800 Kg.
  • Software: Rational-DMIS

Industry Inspect Microscope


Video Microscope (VM-7513)

  • Measurement/photography/video function, compatible with 256M-32G U disk of various brands.
  • 2-million-pixel progressive scan high-definition images with excellent colour reproduction performance.
  • Images are stored without compression to ensure the best image quality.
  • Convenient mouse interface with powerful OSD menu, same as operating a computer.
  • HDMI output port, supporting all HDMI displays on the market.
  • Magnification 10 ~ 200 times.
  • Precise measurement function can support line, circle, angle, rectangle, and other kinds of measurement.
  • 12 set of crosshairs horizontally and vertically, convenient for setting crosshairs and measuring operations.
  • Automatic saving of all parameter settings.

Digital Toolmakers Microscope

  • Precision working stage travel: 100 x 50mm.
  • High-precision linear scale: 0.5μm.
  • Colour screen multifunctional digital readout: DP400.
  • Optical objective with adjustable LED ring reflector illumination.
  • With high accuracy and high stability.

Auto Focus Inspection & Measuring Video Microscope (VM-500Plus)

  • Integral design, exquisite, fashion, generous.
  • Built-in FULL HD sensor and VGA integrated camera directly connects with the monitor to realise video image.
  • Able to use SD card to snap pictures or record videos, integrating video observation and image storage.
  • With a high definition 0.7 ~ 4.5X parallel continue zoom lens, it is more convenient to switch objective magnification.
  • With adjustable LED surface reflection illumination to control brightness independently.
  • With a 2 million pixel auto focus camera, eliminating the need no need for frequent manual refocusing.


  • Probe diameter: Ø2.2 / Ø2.4 / Ø2.8 / Ø3.8 / Ø6mm
  • Camera Pixels: 300,000 / 1,000,000
  • Image resolution: 640 x 480 / 1280 x 720
  • Video resolution: 640 x 480 / 1280 x 720
  • FOV: 90º / 120º
  • Light source: Front ceramic light / Rear-mounted optic fibre cold
  • Illuminance: Maximum 50000 + Lx 1 ~ 9 levels adjustable light
  • Tube Length: 1.5m / 3.0m / 5.0m / 30m (customized acceptable)
Videoscope 1
  • Probe diameter: Ø3.8 / Ø6mm
  • Camera Pixels: 1,000,000
  • DOF: 5-80mm/10-100mm/50mm-∞
  • Image resolution: 640 x 480 / 1280 x 720
  • Video resolution: 640 x 480 / 1280 x 720
  • FOV: 120º
  • Light source: LED (optional: optic fiber)
  • Illuminance: It can be up to 20,000 Lx/100,000 Lx
  • Articulation: 360º joystick control
  • Bending Angle: Maximum 190º (8mm tube: 100º)
videoscope 2
  • Probe diameter: Ø1.0/1.8/2.2/2.8/3.8/6.0/8.0mm
  • Tube Length: 1m ~ 10m
  • Camera Pixels: 1,000,000
  • DOF: 3-25mm/10-110mm
  • Image resolution: 640 x 480 / 1280 x 720
  • Video resolution: 640 x 480 / 1280 x 720
  • FOV: 90º/120º
  • Measurement accuracy: >95%
  • Light source: LED (optional: optic fiber)
  • Articulation: 360º joystick control
  • Minimum accuracy: 0.01mm
  • Standard accuracy: 0.1mm
  • Probe diameter: Ø6mm
  • Camera Pixels: 1,000,000
  • Image resolution: 1280 x 720
  • Video resolution: 1280 x 720
  • FOV: 120º
  • DOF: 10-100mm
  • Light source: Rear-mounted optic fibre cold UV + White source
videoscope 4
  • Probe diameter: Ø1.0 / 1,8 / 2.2 / 2.8 / 3.8 / 4.2 / 6.0 / 8.0mm
  • Camera Pixels: 1,000,000
  • Effective work length: 1m – 5m
  • Image resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Video resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • FOV: 90º / 120º
  • DOF: 10-100, 20-120/5-50, 10-100
  • Articulation: 360º all way
  • Bending angle: 210º big angle bending
  • Light source: LED / Fibre
videoscope 5
  • Probe diameter: Ø1.0 / 1,8 / 2.2 / 2.8 / 3.8 / 6.0 / 8.0mm
  • Resolution: HD 1,000,000 pixel
  • Sensor: HD image sensor
  • Working length: 2m / 3m, customised
  • DOF: 10-100mm
  • Articulation: 360º all way
  • Bending angle: <150º
  • Material: Abrasion-resistance alloy
videoscope 6
  • Probe diameter: Ø6mm
  • Resolution: 960*720 / 1280*720
  • Articulation: 360º
  • Tube length: 1.0m
  • DOF: 20mm~∞
  • Light Source: LED
  • Illumination: 4 level adjustment
  • Compatible: Android, IOS
  • Battery working time: ~120 minutes.