The world-renowned authority on color, Pantone provides color systems and leading technology for the selection and accurate communication of color across a variety of industries. Founded in 1958, X-Rite was created by data-driven color scientists, for professionals looking to improve color in their supply chain.

Ci6x Spectrophotometer Series


X-Rite Ci60

Ideal for Standalone QC measurement: Entry-level quality control device suitable for inspecting incoming goods. Removes visual evaluation errors between samples using pass/fail indicators on the device and makes fast tolerance comparisons.



X-Rite Ci62

Mid-range spectrophotometer quality control solution for industrial and packaging applications. Ci62 handheld sphere spectrophotometer is uniquely suited for precise QC measurement, ensuring accurate color measurement, and ideal for quality control on applications with textured materials or metal substrates.


X-Rite Ci64

It is the most precise and accurate handheld sphere spectrophotometer that offers multiple configurations with simultaneous SPIN/SPEX, correlated gloss, and UV LED illumination, allowing accurate measures of any uneven surfaces on a variety of products and packaging types. Available with switchable apertures to measure a variety of samples.


Multi-Angle Colour Measurement


MA-5 QC: For 5 Angle Spectral Measurement

  • Evaluates, and controls colour found on special effect samples in the lab, on the production floor and in the field.
  • Captures measurement in less than 2.5 seconds and collects multiple data points for automated jobs.
  • Identifies colour defects early in the manufacturing process and avoid unnecessary rework.
  • Featuring strategically placed optics at the tip, it is 60% faster, 50% lighter, and 40% more compact than any other five-angle device on the market. This allows operators to easily position MA-5 QC and capture more measurements per hour.

MA-T6: For 6 Angle Spectral & Texture Measurement

  • Measures against rigorous standards for effect finishes and ensure conformance with tight tolerances.
  • Live feedback and easy pass/fail indication on the screen.
  • A centrally located aperture and positioning pins ensures stable measurement and increase measurement efficiency.

MA-T12: For 12 Angle Complete Characterisation Measurement

  • With twelve angles of measurement plus colour imaging, the MA-T12 completely characterises and visualises extreme effect materials on a variety of pigments. Verifies colour, sparkle, coarseness and surface texture with an on-board digital camera.
  • The MA-T12 offers modern touchscreen navigation, live camera measurement previews, and onscreen easy pass-fail indication to analyze non-compliant products quickly and easily.
  • MA-T12 offers a centrally located aperture with positioning pins to ensure measurement stability on samples and automatic internal calibration to reduce the risk of inaccurate measurements.