UniWest provides critical solutions for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT); delivering highly engineered products from Eddy Current Flaw Detectors and other Eddy Current Testing Systems to Eddy Current Probes and Ultrasonic Transducers. Whether your special application involves manual inspection in the field, laboratory testing, or integrated in-line production system support, UniWest can provide the resources necessary to offer a complete solution to your special testing needs.

UniWest Products

EddyView II

EddyView® II ECT / ECA

• Touchscreen display with touch-gesture adjustments
• Industry-leading signal quality (signal-to-noise)
• Independent channel monitors probe to part coupling
• Multi-frequency
• Conventional or array probes up to 32 coils
• Compatible with ECS-1, ECS-4, and JF-15 rotating scanners
• Conductivity and non-conductive coating thickness
• Multiple display modes including impedance plane, C-scan, O-scope, and strip chart
• Exportable data for post-processing flexibility
• Lock screen & Freeze screen modes
• Basic setup with Smart Probes


The key to the EVi’s ground-breaking performance is the display of a visual image of the surface area under inspection alongside the customary and selectable eddy current signal displays (impedance plane, A-scan or strip charts).

The EVi provides a high precision, easily readable display of surface conditions enabling improved interpretation of data while giving more accurate discernment of cracks, pits, gouges and fretting.

EddyView Family

EddyView Prime

EddyView Prime

EddyView Prime Features Include:

• Single Frequency Capability
• X-Y Gain Spread
• Impedance plane, strip chart displays at the same time
• Removable SD card for program and test result storage
• Ethernet connectivity

EddyView Pro

EddyView Pro

Eddy View Pro Features Include:

• Dual frequency with mixing
• Split-screen for both impedance plane and O-scope/sweep modes
• Digital conductivity measurement
• Non-conductive liftoff digital measurement
• Rotating scanner support for high speed bolt hole scanning

EddyView Premium

EddyView Premium

EddyView Premium Features Include:

• Quad frequency capability
• Waterfall display for bolt hole imaging
• Encoder support
• Auto name capability
• Both HP and Epson printer support
• Special software packages for multiplexing capability (optional)

US-454A (1)


The US-454A is a portable, hand-held, battery-operated multi-frequency eddy current instrument that can be connected to a laptop, PC and motion controllers for use in semi- or fully automatic data collection applications. Two encoder inputs enable position stamping of data. Pulse-on position input is ideal for motion control applications. Ethernet and USB capabilities allow instrument control along with time- and position-stamped data transfer to the client computer. Built from the rugged US-454 architecture, the US-454A offers single- and multi-frequency inspection, frequency mixing capabilities, enhanced signal-to-noise ratio, USB, Ethernet and data storage capability, and unprecedented digital strip chart data collection.



• Multi-Channel: up to 8 channels
• Bright 12″ diagonal color LCD, flat panel
• Frequency Range: 10 Hz to 10 MHz
• Data Storage: 32 Gig internal Card
• Four encoder inputs provide position stamped data to client computer.
• Quadrature 5 volt optically isolated inputs.
• Weight: 42 lbs
• Dimensions: 19″ wide × 8.7″ high × 18.5″ deep