X-RIS was founded in 2010 and since then has developed its own range of X-ray generators,
detectors and its software platform: Maestro. X-RIS also designs and manufactures its own
mechanical and electro-mechanical solutions for Dxbox cabinets and special solutions.

Dereo UP

Dereo UP
Ultra portable flat panel detector for quick inspection, maintenance
operations and much more…

  • Very fast set-up and easy use thanks to smart hard –
    software features.
  • Battery and wireless module. Use the Dereo UP in a
    shielded cabinet or take it out at any time to use the
    Dereo UP as an extremely portable tool on site. Down to
    2.8 kg.
  • Dynamic DDA, real time imaging and 100 µm pixel pitch
    for an impressive image quality experience, whether the
    active area is 25 x 30 cm or 36 x 43 cm.
  • Tough handle, bumpers, military standard and magnetic
    connectors, strong carrying case, will definitely grant a
    high level of robustness of your Dereo UP on the field.
Dereo HE

Dereo HE

High Energy flat panel detector for NDT inspection of heavy parts

  • Dereo HE is compatible with all sources (X-ray, gamma,
    betatrons, linear accelerators,…) and all energies thanks to its
    design and internal shielding.
  • Ability to work on batteries, easy Wi-Fi & wired set-up, smart
    hardware and software features offer an unrivalled
    operational experience to its users.
  • Tough handle, bumpers, military standard connectors, strong
    carrying case,… will definitely grant a high level of robustness
    of your Dereo HE on the field. IP67.
  • Benefit from a lightweight (down to 2,7 kg) flat panel, with a
    pixel size down to 75 µm and an active area from 17 x 23 cm
    up to 40 x 40 cm.