Sonatest is the leading manufacturer of Ultrasonic inspection equipment. They are recognised and respected around the world for the quality of their rugged portable products which can be found in every industry and application.

Sonatest Products



The Veo3 multi-technique functionality, combining phased array with TFM, allows users to benefit from the additional resolution and sizing performance of TFM – all while performing inspections to an already approved phased-array procedure. No need to change. No need to go through a new approval process.



The WAVE interactive flaw detector integrates the latest technologies available in order to create a revolution in the ultrasonic non-destructive testing equipment market.

D-70 (2)

Masterscan D-70

This instrument offers the inspector a fully capable and functional set of tools and software for inspection across all applications. Capabilities include encoded B-Scan, Advanced Thickness logging and Dryscan capability in a portable enclosure.


Sitescan D-50

The Sitescan D-50 offers the end user an entry level broadband flaw detector in the popular and portable casing of the established D-Series; with a full VGA display, a 50nS (Spike) 200V, a Pulser 0.5dB gain resolution and an optional rubber boot.